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Actual Day Wedding (AD)

18 Jun 2021

In modernized Singapore, couples tend to squeeze all the events into the same day including San Zhao..

Nuptial Bed Setting For Wedding (An Chuang - 安床)

18 Jun 2021

Nuptial Bed SettingBed-Setting usually takes place 3 to 5 days before the actual day wedding. Simila..

Tea Ceremony (Jing Cha - 敬茶)

18 Jun 2021

Tea Ceremony is the formality of introducing the Bride and Groom to the couple’s relatives. Tea cere..

Hair Combing Ceremony (Shang Tou - 上头)

18 Jun 2021

The hair combing ceremony is usually done on the night before the wedding day or in the early mornin..

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