Nuptial Bed Setting For Wedding (An Chuang - 安床)

Nuptial Bed SettingBed-Setting usually takes place 3 to 5 days before the actual day wedding. Similar to the Betrothal Gift Ceremony or Guo Da Li, an auspicious date is determined to perform this ceremony.

After the ceremony, the nuptial bed should be left untouched until the wedding day itself. Setting the nuptial bed is an important ceremony for a traditional wedding and it symbolises the blessing for peace and harmony and to have many offsprings for the newly-weds.

The Bed Setting Ceremony is performed together with a matchmaker or an elderly who has a “good life or good fortune” (好命), usually lady known as 好命婆, or the bride’s or groom’s parents or grandparents typically. An elderly with a “good life or good fortune” refers to someone whose have a spouse, children and grandchildren, and they are all still alive.

Items to prepare for the Bed Setting Ceremony:

  • A new bed or matteress
  • 1 Pair of Prosperity Bedside Lamp
  • Fate Coins(大缘小缘)
  • Antique Chinese Coins
  • 1 Pair of Charcoal
  • 1 Set of New Bedsheets (Usually Red or with Double Happiness Wordings or with Wedding Related Symbols)
  • 1 x Red Tray
  • 2 x Red Packet
  • Even number of oranges (Usually 2 will do)
  • Some Sweets / Candies
  • 1 x Gift Box (礼金盒) which includes Four Treasures Jin Guo (四宝京果), Sweet Beginnings (甜蜜喜糖) and 5 Colour Auspicious Seeds (吉祥五谷):
    • Red Dates
    • Dried Longans
    • Lily Bulbs
    • Lotus Seeds
    • Walnut or Peanuts
    • Dried Tangerines
    • Rock Sugar
    • Dried Melon Slice
    • 2 x Five Colour Auspicious Seeds such as Red or Green Beans, Soy Beans, Wheat, Barley and Rice

A young boy will be invited to roll or jump on the bed to symbolise couple having healthy and happy kids soon after marriage (早生贵子). This young boy’s horoscope SHOULD NOT clash with the couples’ horoscope and SHOULD NOT be born in the year of the Tiger.

Anyone born in the year of the Tiger is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED to enter the room, even on actual day.

Now, for the step by step Bed-Setting-Ang-PaoProcedures:

  1. Change to the new bedsheet for the new nuptial bed
  2. Move the mattress slightly to symbolise setting of bed taking place
  3. Place the prosperity lamp on the side table of the bed (without turning it on first)
  4. Place the Fate Coins at four corners under the mattress, and scatter the rest into cupboard and drawers
  5. Place the Antique Coins into Red Packets (Ang Baos) under each corners of the matress and under each pillows
  6. Place all items prepared onto the red tray and onto the bed. These items include:
    1. 2 x Red packets (with money usually $8 or $18)
    2. Even number of oranges (Usually 2 will do)
    3. Sweets/candies
    4. Gift box items
    5. Pair of Charcoal
  7. Recite the following phrases as blessings for the couples:
    1. 百年好合 (Forever a Blissful Marriage)
    2. 早生贵子 (Bless with many off springs early)
    3. 白头偕老 (Growing old together)
    4. 永浴爱河 (Eternal Love)
  8. Young boy invited will now jump or roll on the bed and then eat the sweets/candies from the tray
  9. Turn on the prosperity lights, symbolising 添丁 or to have blessing for more sons, and let it run until the battery is flat for battery operated lamps. If the lamps are electric operated, let it run until the bulb fuse or until the wedding day itself (or at least for 3 days) before turning it off.
  10. Give red packets to the one who assisted in the bed setting ceremony including the matchmaker / 好命婆 and the boy who rolled and jumped on the bed.

After the bed setting ceremony, the bed should be left untouched until the wedding day.